What makes our company different from all the others?

We believe in a “Hands on “business concept and therefore our services will never grow beyond our control. 
Size does not count, quality, safety and security does.

All of our guards undergo extensive training and are required to be at a high level if they want to take on the ultimate
responsibility of protecting Life.

The management team has made the company to best fit the security needs of the community but welcome any advice or
recommendations of how we can improve our services to better protect your assets. Our unique strategies are all put into
practice as opposed to being all talk and no action. We are extremely passionate about what we do, and feel a deep
responsibility to our community and clients.

All of our personnel are pre-screened by means of polygraph tests, criminal checks,
ITC checks and PSIRA verifications before any employment.

At Scorpion Risk Services we take the lives of people and the protection of their property seriously.
Scorpion Protection is a security company designed to meet the needs and requirements associated
with protecting our clients, their assets and Property.